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onlinechineselearning.com is lanuched by Hanbridge Mandarin School. Our goal is to share practical Chinese skills to help Chinese learners quickly and easily improve their level of Chinese.

Hanbridge Mandarin School was founded in 2006. We’re committed to the Chinese language education. We have a wealth of teachers and teaching experience. We are experienced delivering both online and in-person teaching for both companies and individuals. Our services and professionalism are unmatched. We are the best option for online Mandarin learners available today. All the articles on this website are written by Hanbridge Mandarin’s teachers.

If you want to learn more about our teachers and inquire about taking a class with them, please contact us.

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Carrie Gong
Fifi Yang
Daisy Jiang
Iris Liu
Lilian Li
Ada Zhou
Julia Song
Clarice Zhao
Mollan Mo

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