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SQE quality engineer

Nanshan district, shenzhen



Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for maintaining and continuously improving the supplier quality management system;

2. Follow up the import of new materials, and ensure the implementation of routine reliability assurance of materials.

3. Materials management and coordination;

4. Coordinated handling and follow-up of complaints and materials problems of foreign manufacturers. To organize and coordinate material failure analysis and processing;

5. Coordinated the development and promotion of suppliers' coordination and execution.

6. Supplier assessment and assessment management implementation.


1. Familiar with the quality management of the same industry, able to carry out the quality system independently and be good at communication and coordination;

2. Familiar with the characteristics of all kinds of mobile phone structure and the test method and requirements of material reliability.

Hardware engineer

Nanshan district, shenzhen



[main duties]

1. Responsible for the debugging of the main board and the audio debugging of the whole machine;

2. Responsible for the analysis and treatment of the development of some customer complaints;

3. Make schematic diagram of product definition, assist and guide Layout optimization of PCB;

4. BOM, production of production materials;

5. Assist customers in handling the problems in certification


1. College degree or above, major in electronic telecommunications, with more than 2 years experience in mobile phone hardware engineer;

2, familiar with MTK/spreadtrum platform, can the independent production principle diagram, familiar with the working principle of the mobile phone circuit circuit analysis and judgment ability, familiar with the commonly used test equipment such as: CMU200, 8960, etc;

3. Strong anti-pressure ability, able to adapt to the company's fast pace of research and development and necessary overtime work

Software engineer

Nanshan district, shenzhen



[main duties]

1. Developed the platform for the development of the communication function machine, independently completed the new function development, independently analyzed and solved the problems encountered in the development process;

2. Completed the design, development and programming tasks of corresponding module software according to the development schedule and task allocation, and wrote corresponding development documents;

3. Complete the project requirements: cooperate with the project plan and complete the design, coding and commissioning of MMI functional modules assigned by the supervisor.

4. Resolve MMI bug: solve the MMI related issues in research and development test.

5. Maintenance of products: maintenance of the software version of mass production.


1. Experience in mobile phone MMI development for more than 2 years, with the development experience of the development of mobile phone platform for more than one year;

2. Have good professional quality and teamwork spirit;

3. Strong learning ability and communication skills;