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Posted by Julia Song on Jan 11, 2016

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What is AP test?

Advanced Placement Chinese Language and Culture (commonly known as AP Chinese Language and Culture or AP Chinese) offers high school students an opportunity to earn credit for Chinese courses at the college level. Like other College Board programs, it is available to anyone worldwide who wishes to participate.

The curriculum and assessment frameworks for the AP Chinese Language and Culture course undergo continuous improvement. In order to prepare for the AP Chinese exam, students are strongly encouraged, although not required, to enroll in an AP Chinese course in high school. To do well on the exam, it is important to understand the structure of the AP Chinese Language and Culture exam.

Format of the Exam

Listening Comprehension

This section of the AP Chinese exam assesses students' ability to understand spoken Chinese and their mastery of interpersonal and interpretive communication skills. Sentences used in oral communications typically have the following features: 1. They are usually short, and may not be as formal as those in the written language. 2. They may contain some unnecessary and redundant information. Therefore, it is important for students to determine essential words and phrases while listening so that they can understand the main ideas. Hint: Listen for the question word. Choose the answer that relates to the question word.

Reading Comprehension

This section presents nine reading strategies that students can use to hone their reading comprehension skills prior to taking the rest. Students may find that some strategies are more applicable than others in different contexts, or that certain strategies are more helpful given their individual styles. The nine strategies are:

1. Prediction

2. Skimming

3. Scanning

4. Understanding main ideas

5. Ignoring unimportant words.

6. Guessing and analyzing

7. Detailed reading

8. Inferring ideas

9. Determining the writer's attitude


There are two tasks in the writing section of the AP Chinese exam: 1. Story Narration is presentational writing. Students will have 15 minutes to write a story according to four-picture set of prompts. Students should narrate the story as completely as possible, in a culturally appropriate fashion. 2. E-mail Response is interpersonal writing with an interpretive element. Students will be presented with an e-mail inquiry from a friend. They will then have 15min to read the e-mail and write a response, addressing the inquiry as completely and appropriately as possible.

Speaking skills

Students are expected to understand the scenario established by the spoken or written prompts, and to:

1. communicate information and ideas to an audience on a variety of topics;

2. express their feelings and emotions, and exchange personal opinions;

3. demonstrate an understanding of Chinese culture;

4. apply appropriate grammatical structures to express ideas;

5. exhibit a considerably broad range of vocabulary that allows them to speak fluently and accurately;

There are two tasks in the Speaking portion of the AP Chinese exam: conversation and the cultural presentation.

AP Chinese course online

Hanbridge provides AP Chinese course online, here are the class features below:

1. Efficient training to the exam questions

2. Both Complex and simplified Chinese Characters are optional for the training

3. Improve the kids' Chinese ability in all aspects: listening, speaking, reading, and writing

You can take a free trail class if you are interested in AP Chinese course.

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