Best Books for Learning Chinese

Posted by Fifi Yang on June 7, 2016

Best Books for Learning Chinese

Never been able to find an interesting yet practical books to learn Chinese? This article will help you a lot! As a mandarin teacher who has been teaching mandarin as a foreign languages for years, I received very positive feedback for the books I've been using for its practicality, creativity, and preciseness, and that's why I'm going to recommend to you. One for general learners, especially the beginners and one for those who are more interested in Chinese characters, and the last one for business Chinese learners whose goal is to make business with Chinese people.

1. Our Chinese Classroom for Beginner 1, 2, 3

This series of Chinese learning textbooks are designed to help beginners master effectively basic Chinese communication skills within a short period of time. The series is made up of three books with lessons respectively. Each lesson consists of two to three dialogues or passages, Altogether, 30 scenarios were designed such as "greetings", "introduction", "ordering food", "taking taxis", "shopping", etc., covering more than 1,000 new words and 200 grammar points.

The exercise section is another feature of this series. Apart from the traditional exercises of multiple choice and reading comprehension, several innovative activities, such as "practice in class", "listening comprehension", and "short story of Chinese characters" were developed. With reasonable structures, moderate difficulties and manageable quantities, the activities will help learners understand the lessons fully and put them into practice effectively in a short period of time.

2. Learning Chinese Characters from Ms. Zhang (A)

From all my students who've been studying Chinese characters so far, this book has received a lot of positive feedback for it is easy to follow, interesting to read and practical to use. This book is a textbook for foreign students with no learning experience to learn Chinese characters in, especially those who come from the no-Chinese-character-using background.

I highly recommend it because this first book of the series of Learning Chinese Characters from Ms. Zhang gives a well-organized and not boring at all introduction for Chinese characters, for example, firstly, the 6 basic strokes are introduced, which are horizontal stroke, vertical stroke, left-falling stroke, right-falling stroke, right-rising stroke and point, and then followed by other 22 combination strokes. After you know about the strokes along with a lot of simple characters to practice, with the help of pictures, learners will be fascinated by how the photographic elements developed into standard modern characters with meanings.

In addition, besides the traditional learning method, this book also carries out various learning strategies for students to better memorize the characters and put them into practical use.

3. Into Business with Chinese (Chinese-English Version)

If you already had a good basic knowledge of survivor Chinese and want to start learning business Chinese, I highly recommend this book to you.

This book conforms to the language learning habits of foreigners, mixes Western and Chinese elements in design, integrates the learning concepts of business English into business Chinese, and keeps a balance between language and cultural learning, as well as business culture and traditional Chinese culture. This book forms a cohesive structure to provide the course ware, online courses, and e-learning platform supplementary. Moreover, apart from the Chinese pinyin, the textbook provides bilingual versions of Chinese and ten foreign languages respectively, covering all the important business languages of the world.

This book contains 12 units of business situation modules to describe the entire process and each phase of business activities. It integrates the task approach, communicative method, interactive, collaborative or cultural learning modes for business Chinese training.

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