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Posted by Carrie Gong on Feb 19, 2016

best chinese character dictionary

Today, I will introduce the best Chinese character dictionary for you, which is Xinhua Dictionary.

Xinhua Dictionary

In China, almost all people know Xinhua Dictionary. This dictionary has been with us for many years: the primary school, the junior high school, the senior high school and even college . It was firstly published in 1953, this dictionary is really "old", and it is very authoritative in the same time. So far it has repeatedly published a dozen times, in the original basis, we increase constantly the traditional Chinese characters, variant Chinese characters, as well as some new words. And also make the appropriate treatment to certain words.

This dictionary includes: Index of Syllables PinYin (if you are not very skilled with Chinese characters, this index of syllables can be used to look for what you want. For example, you want to check the "你", this word, you can refer it based on the syllable. Tips: (Now, if you have one XinHua dictionary in your hand.) Go to page 361, according to the "你" has the third tone to refer it.); Radical index of Chinese characters, (comparing to index of syllable, it would be more difficult. But if you know well about the radical, stroke and so on of Chinese characters, then this method is also useful for you.) For this part, we have to use radicals and the stroke.

Except the characters what the dictionary contains, there are as well as spelling, basic Chinese explanation and the corresponding examples. Moreover, some characters have two or three "pin yin", you can also find it in this dictionary.

It has a variety of versions. You can choose one according to what you like. It can be a very big one, but also can be a smaller one which is relatively easy to carry. And it can be suitable for small children. Of course, there is a point: it has no explanation in the other language. Just in Chinese. But then again, you can use bilingual dictionary: Oxford English-Chinese dictionary English, or other languages. Second, there is also a mobile APP available for Xinhua Dictionary, you can download and use it using your portable devices anytime and anywhere, no internet access required. It also contains the basic pronunciation, explanation of Chinese character. Even simple English explanations are also listed in that, also with the earlier example of how we use these characters. Of course, most of them are in Chinese. (If you are good with Chinese character, then try it!)

How to use dictionary, read How to Use Chinese Dictionary, it will teach you step by step.

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