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Posted by Lilian Li on Jan 21, 2016

Chinese course online

As internet become more and more popular, taking class online has become a trend nowadays. Apparently, there are lots of advantages of taking Chinese courses online. It is convenient and flexible. It will save your money and provides greater access to expertise. Today, the best Chinese courses-Hanbridge Mandarin online Chinese course will be introduced to you.

Hanbridge Mandarin Chinese courses online

Nowadays there are many Chinese online courses if you search on Google. But most of them are organized by some non-native Chinese who cannot even pronounce syllables or they have inexperienced teachers. All we know that choosing a right online course means a good beginning. But which is the best Chinese online course? Hanbridge Mandarin online Chinese course is highly recommended. What you can get from the Hanbridge Mandarin's online courses?

Better than the recorded video Chinese Courses

There are lots of recorded video Chinese courses online, just teachers teach Chinese by themselves, which you can't contact them immediately when you listen that kind of Chinese courses online. Maybe you can leave comment under the video when you have questions, but you can't get answer immediately and even you make mistakes during the Chinese learning, you can't be corrected in the first time. However, Hanbridge Chinese Courses online are both real-time online class, you attended the class with the professional teachers together.

Professional Experienced Chinese Teacher

All teachers of Hanbridge Mandarin are Chinese native speaker, hold a bachelor's or master's degree in language. There's no doubt they both have standard mandarin pronunciation and fully experience in teaching Chinese. All of them have passion to help the people who want to learn Chinese mandarin.

Online Virtual Classroom

Unlike the traditional chat tools Skype, Hanbridge Mandarin use the online virtual classroom as the tool of online teaching. Except for live teaching, innovative and interactive, flexible and versatile, there are other advantages of online virtual classroom. Here is a picture you can see the online virtual classroom is better than Skype for Chinese online course.

virtual classroom benefit

Various types of courses you can choose

Hanbridge Mandarin provides lots of different types of Chinese courses for you. You can choose according to your specific learning need. Here are the main courses online:

Business course: Business writing, making and answering phone calls…

Daily course: Greetings, introduction, times and dates, ask for help…

Chinese course for kids: For children from 3 to 9 years old. Multiple teaching mediums (videos, pictures and songs and so on).

HSK Preparation: For who wants to take HSK examination. Structured lessons and high pass rate. You can see one of our students HSK 6 pass certificate below.

virtual classroom benefit

Except for the main course, there are many other courses you can choose, such as Chinese culture course, Chinese speaking course and so on, you can check here to get more detailed information.

If you are interested, you can have a free trial online Chinese class here

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