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Best Listening Resources for Learning Chinese

Posted by Julia Song on June 21, 2016

Chinese listening resource

If you search for Chinese learning materials on the Internet, you'll get tons of information, so it is difficult to find the info that suits your level the most. And, more importantly, it is hard to find appropriate listening material. In general, there are two types of listening resources available, in this case textbooks or native sources (such as CCTV, radio, Chinese YouTube counterparts, etc.). Textbook audio goes nice and slow and you'll have a script to read along with; online resources are more convenient and more suitable for higher level students.

1. CCTV Learn Chinese

Suitable for: beginner/intermediate/advanced

This site provides lots of Chinese listening content, especially some Chinese news. There are different levels for you: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. You can find suitable content regardless of your level.

2. Youtube Channel: HSK Test Preparation and Practice

Suitable for: Chinese learners who prepared or are preparing for the HSK Test This YouTube channel contains all HSK test skills from level 3 to level 5. All videos are made by a Chinese teacher named Shasha, and she speaks in Chinese in all of these videos, which means you can learn HSK skills and practice listening at the same time.

3. PPS

Suitable for: intermediate/advanced

Plenty of Chinese TV and episodes are available on this site. Search or browse the name of the show you want to see, and you should be able to find it. Almost all of the shows have Chinese subtitles. Choose your favorite and practice your Chinese listening now! There is also a PPS app available on Android and iPhone.

4. 悦读 FM

Suitable for: Advanced

This site offers a massive amount of short Chinese articles. You can either listen to the original audio or you can read after it. Although the articles are short, the content is not so easy. You may find it hard to understand, which means that this site suitable for the advanced Chinese learner.

5. Popup Chinese

Suitable for: beginner/intermediate/advanced

Popup Chinese has a huge library of lessons for different levels and most of it is available for free (although you need to sign up). There are also vocabulary notes and so on, but I consider the actual audio to be more important.

6. Live conversation with Native Chinese speakers

Talking with native speakers seems exciting, but don't forget that they'll have different accents and different speeds. They won't always sound like those clear textbook recordings. The best way to learn the most standard Chinese is to find a professional Chinese teacher and talk with him/her! Wanna try now? Get started!

Also, working from and following different methods at different points in your study will prevent you from getting bored. Being able to switch back and forth keeps your learning interesting, and makes you more likely to stick to it while you are trying to become fluent.

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