Chinese Character Stroke Order

Posted by Daisy Jiang on Feb 16, 2016

Chinese stroke order

As we all known, Chinese people read Chinese characters, the pinyin is just for helping pronounce, so it is very important to master the Chinese character. In Chinese, only 950 characters are higher frequency of appearance. If you master these Chinese characters, you will be able to read Chinese smoothly. And learn Chinese stroker order is very important for you to learn Chinese characters.

Basic Chinese strokes

Some people said that write Chinese character is just like draw pictures, actually is not. Characters are formed by certain strokes, here are the six basic strokes:

The first one is dot, in Chinese we say "dian", it's just like a tiny dash;

The second one is horizontal stroke, Chinese name is "heng", it's rightward stroke;

The third one is vertical stroke, in Chinese we say "shu", it's downward stroke;

The fourth one is left-falling stroke, which is "pie", it's falling leftwards, flattening at the bottom;

The fifth one is right-falling stroke, in Chinese we say "na", it's falling rightwards flattening at the bottom;

the sixth stroke is the rising stroke, it's Chinese name is "ti", it's flick up and rightwards;

These are the six basic strokes, other strokes are formed by them or their transformation, and every stroke has certain direction. If you master these six basic strokes, it is easier for you to write character. Here is a picture of Chinese basic stoke order.

Chinese stroke order

Chinese character stroke order principle

And you need to be aware of that Chinese characters have a certain order.To help remember the order, we have a very useful pithy formula:

1. From top to bottom

Chinese stroke order

2. From left to right

Chinese stroke order

3. Left vertical stroke (usually) before the top horizontal stroke

Chinese stroke order

4. Bottom horizontal stroke last;

Chinese stroke order

5. Middle stroke before sides;

Chinese stroke order

6. Horizontal strokes before intersecting vertical strokes;

Chinese stroke order

7. Horizontal strokes before intersecting vertical strokes;

Chinese stroke order

8. Minor strokes(often)the last;

Chinese stroke order

The order of character strokes help us remember the structure of the character; also it can make the writing of characters better and faster; it helps to know the combination of the strokes better, and remember the shape of the character easier.

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