Chinese Characters for Happy

Posted by Lilian Li on July 21, 2016

Chinese characters for happy

Chinese characters may seem, at fist glance, an unorganized jumble of pen strokes, but, in fact, each character has one or more components and each component contributes to the character. And each character represents some meaning, with which, a certain pronunciation associates. Today, let's focus on the ones represent happy and happiness, which can often be found on the door, window of Chinese houses and shops.

Part 1: Single character:

1. 福 fú: Blessing; happiness; good luck

Chinese characters for happy

This character is definitely the favorite one of Chinese people for its good meaning, which will be pasted on the doors and window all year around, especially during the Chinese Spring Festival.

2. 禄 lù: wealth; fortune; riches; mammon

Chinese characters for happy

This character is often seen in the house of people who are ambitious for wealth and fortune.

3. 寿shòu: longevity

Chinese characters for happy

This character is often written and presented as a gift to elder people whom you respect to express your good hope for his/her health and longevity.

4. 喜 xǐ

Chinese characters for happy

This Chinese character is "xi" which is similar to the idea of being joyful, or being so happy that it you are almost overflowing with joy and perhaps laughter too. Hopefully, it will inspire you to bring happiness into your home when you frame this and put it on your wall.

The above four characters are always written together to show the hope for full happiness in life. Those written by famous calligraphers and well framed ones worth a lot. For example:

Chinese characters for happy

Chinese characters for happy

5. 乐 lè: happy, happiness/joy, joyous/amusement/delight/ enchantment/enjoyment/fun/pleasure

Chinese characters for happy

This is a very good Chinese symbol for tattoo, jewelry, or any kind of art design. Sometimes you will find a single character a little bit dull, don't worry, here are some examples how you can put this character into words:

Chinese characters for happy

Part 2 Words and expressions:

1. 知足常乐 zhī zú cháng lè

Chinese characters for happy

2. 恭贺新禧 gōng hè xīn xǐ

Best wishes for a happy new year.

Chinese characters for happy

3. 乔迁之喜 qiáo qiān zhīxǐ

This means to congrats someone when he/she just moved to a new house.

Chinese characters for happy

4. 美满良缘měi mǎn liáng yuán

This is to wish somebody a happy and sweet life or home when he/she is getting married.

Chinese characters for happy

Chinese characters are really interesting and diverse, aren't they? Do you want to learn more Chinese characters? Why don't you join our Chinese characters course and learn from the most professional Chinese teacher? Here to get started!

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