Chinese Phrases for Shopping

Posted by Fifi Yang on April 25, 2016

Chinese Phrases for Shopping

Shenzhen is one of the largest shopping center in China. If you are a international and come to Shenzhen, how to go shopping without a language barrier? Today, we will teach you some useful vocabulary and phrases for shopping in Chinese. After today's lesson, I bet you will have a better shopping experience in China.

1. Common Chinese vocabulary for shopping

Chinese Characters




Shānɡ chǎnɡ



yī fu



xià zhuānɡ

Summer Clothing


dōnɡ zhuānɡ

Winter Dress


shì yī jiān

Fitting Room


shì chuān

Try on




pián yi



zhé kòu



zènɡ sònɡ

Give as a present


shōu yín tái

Cashier Desk


shuā kǎ

Credit Card

2. Useful phrases and sentences for shopping in Chinese

女装在几楼?(nǚ zhuānɡ zài jǐ lóu?) Which floor is the women's section?
Here you could replace "女装" for any section you want to go. Here are some categories words in mall you may use:

男装 (nán zhuānɡ) Men's clothing
童装 (tónɡ zhuānɡ) Children's wear
化妆品 (huà zhuānɡ pǐn) Cosmetic
家具 (jiā jù ) Furniture
家庭用品 (jiā tínɡ yònɡ pǐn) Housewares
运动商品 (yùn dònɡ shānɡ pǐn ) Sports goods
进口商品 (jìn kǒu shānɡ pǐn ) Imported goods
孕妇装 (yùn fù zhuānɡ) Maternity dress

我可以试一下吗?(wǒ ké yǐ shì yí xià mɑ?) Can I try this on?
请问试衣间在哪?(qǐnɡ wèn shì yī jiān zài nǎ?) May I ask where is the fitting room?
"试" means to try. You must try the clothes on before you decide weather buy it or not. And you need to find the fitting room to try it on. Normally there is a lady or man to assist you. If you have to call their attention, use "小姐"(lady) or "先生"(sir). Once you finish your fitting, you can return the items to the attendants.

请问附近洗手间在哪里?(qǐnɡ wèn fù jìn xí shǒu jiān zài nǎ lǐ?) May I ask where is the restroom nearby?
When you shopping in the mall, it often takes you few hours. So learn how to find a restroom is necessary. "洗手间" means "restroom", you could also use "厕所" for restroom. But "洗手间" is more elegant.

这件多少钱?(zhè jiàn duō shǎo qián?) How much is this piece?
This sentence is the most common use sentence during shopping. You can use other ways to Inquire about the price. For example, if you buy several items, you could use "请帮我算一下 多少钱". (qǐnɡ bānɡ wǒ suàn yí xià duō shǎo qián )

太贵了,给我算便宜点吧!(tài ɡuì le, ɡěi wǒ suàn pián yi diǎn bɑ!)
That is really too expensive. Please give me a lower price.

This is a sentence for bargain. This is most suitable when you in a night market or when you buy something from a street side vendors where are no fixed prices. Actually the price you pay is equivalent to how good you are at bargain. You can say "再便宜一点" (zài pián yi yì diǎn), which means cheaper or make it cheaper. If in case they do not agree to the price you are giving, you can walk out of the shop. And in most time, the shopper will call you back and agree to your rate. It is like a foolproof method and it almost works every time.

我要这件,有中号的吗?(wǒ yào zhè jiàn, yǒu zhōnɡ hào de mɑ?)
I want this piece, please give me the M size.

For sizes, you can use 大号 if you want the large size, 中号(zhōng hào) for medium and 小 号 (xiăo hào) for small. You can also say "大码", "中码" "小码", it is the same meaning with "大号", "中号", "小号".
If you got the wrong size and would want to exchange with the correct size. You could say "码数错了,我要换货。" (mǎ shù cuò le, wǒ yào huàn huò ), which means "The size is wrong, I want to exchange."

这些衣服已经是折扣后的价格了吗?(zhè xiē yī fu yǐ jīnɡ shì zhé kòu hòu de jià ɡé le mɑ?)
Are the prices of these clothes already discounted?

"折扣" means "discount". Please pay attention "打7折" means "30% off" not "70% off". "4折起" means "it's up to 60% off".

我要刷卡。 (wǒ yào shuā kǎ.) I am paying with my card.
At the cashier, they'll usually be asking you: "刷卡吗?" (Are you paying with your card?) When you're paying with credit, you can nod and say "要刷卡," but say "现金" ( xiàn jīn ) when you're paying with cash.

After today's study, I think you have a general idea about how to go shopping in China. These are just a few part of shopping, if you want to learn more, welcome to register for a free trial class and attend our Chinese daily course!

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