Chinese Wining and Dining Words

Posted by Fifi Yang on Nov 2, 2016

Chinese Wining and Dining Words and Phrases

Actually, foods and drinks have occupied a large part in Chinese culture. exaggeratedly speaking, Chinese culture is the culture of foods and drinks. When we meet people outside, for example, we always start the greeting with "Have you had your meal yet?" which is equivalent to "How are you?" in western countries. Later, the people will conduct a eating-oriented conversation.

There are so many popular food-related and drink-related phrases and proverbs in Chinese. And I am going to introduce those phrases and proverbs which are very useful in daily life to you. 

1. Some words related to "eat".

"Eat" in Chinese we say "吃 chī".

Such as:
Nǐ xiǎnɡ chī shénme?
你想吃什么?(what do you want to eat?)
Wǒ xiǎnɡ chī pínɡɡuǒ.
我想吃苹果。 (I want to have a apple.)

Below some words of foods for your study.
wǒmen bùnénɡ chī zhe ɡuōlǐde, kàn zhe wǎnlǐde, yào dǒnɡ dé zhzú cái huì kuàilè。

Chinese Wining and Dining Words and Phrases

Chinese Wining and Dining Words and Phrases

Chinese Wining and Dining Words and Phrases

2. Some words related to "drink".

Drink in Chinese we say "喝 hē".
Such as:
Wǒ kě yǐ qǐnɡ nǐ hē yì bēi kāfēi mɑ?
我可以请你喝一杯咖啡吗?(May I treat you a cup of coffee?)

Chinese Wining and Dining Words and Phrases

Chinese Wining and Dining Words and Phrases

3. Some phrases related to "eat" and"drink".

好 吃: delicious.(Associated with eating)

For example:
Zhè ɡe dànɡāo hěn hǎochī。
这 个 蛋糕 很 好吃。
(This cake is very delicious. )

好喝: delicious. (Associated with drinking.)

For example:
zhè zhǒnɡ hónɡ jiǔ hěn hǎo hē.
(This kind of wine taste very good.)

hào chī lǎn zuò

好吃懒做:Greedy in eating and drinking, lazy to do things.

For example:
Dàjiā dōu bù xǐhuɑn hàochīlǎnzuò de rén。
(Everyone don't like lazy person.)

Chīdú shí
吃独食: have all benefits to themselves, and don't  share with others.

For example:
Nǐ bù nénɡ zhèyànɡ chīdúshí,fǒuzé méi rén yuànyì hé nǐ hézuò le。

你不能这样吃独食, 否则没人愿意和你合作了。

(You can't have all benefits to yourself, otherwise on one will work with you again.)

Hē xīběifēnɡ
喝西北风: means very poor ,without food and money, only can live by air.

For example:
Tā de bàbɑ xiàɡǎnɡ le,zhèɡe yuè quánjiā dōu yào hē xīběifēnɡ le。
(His father lost his job, so this month all of family need to live by air.)

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