Chinese Words For Travel

Posted by Julia Song on Dec 18, 2015

Chinese words for travel

Asking the way

Almost everyone loses their way or feels hopelessly lost at some point during a trip. Yet, there are some simple ways to ask for directions in Chinese. Here are some easy words for directions:

zěn me

怎 么












zuǒ zhuǎn

左 转

turn left

zhí zǒu

直 走

go straight

qǐnɡ wèn

请 问

excuse me

You can ask a question like this:

qǐnɡ wèn , xxx zěn me zǒu ?

请 问 , xxx 怎 么 走 ? Excuse me, How can I go to xxx?

Shopping in China

Learning to how to ask the price in Chinese is not enough. You should learn to bargain as well.

duō shǎo qián 多 少 钱 how much is it?

tài ɡuì le! 太 贵 了! Too expensive!

pián yi yì dián ér 便 宜 一 点 儿 cheaper !

Eating in a restaurant

There is a lot of delicious food in China. In the north, people eat wheat-based dishes (because wheat is grown in the colder climate) such as dumplings and noodles, and the main flavor is salty. However, spicy is the main flavoring in the southern part of China.

You will see an abundance of different food in a Chinese restaurant. Here are some useful sentences for ordering:

wǒ yào jiǎo zi 。

我 要 饺 子 。 I want dumplings.

wǒ yào yì bēi shuǐ 。

我 要 一 杯 水 。I want a cup of water.

mǎi dān !

买 单 ! Pay the bill.

nǐ hǎo , wǒ bù chī là 。

你 好 , 我 不 吃 辣 。 Hi! I don't eat spicy food.

yǒu bú là de cài mɑ ?

有 不 辣 的 菜 吗 ? Do you have something that is not spicy?

Welcome to China. You will have so much fun! Learning Chinese will make your trip more joyful and as you have brand-new experiences.

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