Common Chinese Words for Kids

Posted by Daisy Jiang on April 18, 2016

common Chinese words for kids

In Chinese, there are some types Chinese words are very common for kids. It is very helpful for learning if you have kids and also you want your kids to learn some basic Chinese. Now let's see what they are:

1. Family members

bàbɑ 爸爸 Dad

māmɑ 妈妈 Mom

ɡēɡe 哥哥 Elder brother

dìdi 弟弟 Younger brother

jiějie 姐姐 Elder sister

mèimei 妹妹 Younger sister

yéye 爷爷 Grandpa

nǎinɑi 奶奶 Grandma

common Chinese words for kids

2. Numbers

common Chinese words for kids

3. Colors

báisè 白色 White

hēisè 黑色 Black

hónɡsè 红色 Red

lǜsè 绿色 Green

lánsè 蓝色 Blue

zǐsè 紫色 Purple

common Chinese words for kids

4. Food

In daily life, When you want something. We can use this sentence to express: 我要吃苹果。(wǒ yào chī pínɡ ɡuǒ)It means " I want to eat apple."

common Chinese words for kids

5. Body

zhè shì wǒde yǎnjinɡ. 这是我的眼睛。 (This is my eyes.)

common Chinese words for kids

6. Hobby

wǒ xǐhuɑn tiàowǔ. 我喜欢跳舞。 (I like dance.)

tiàowǔ 跳舞 Dance

chànɡɡē 唱歌 Sing

tán ɡānɡqín 弹钢琴 Play piano

tī zúqiú 踢足球 Play football

yóuyǒnɡ 游泳 Swimming

common Chinese words for kids

Above 6 types words are happened very frequent in daily life for kids. Hope it will help your kids to study Chinese in the beginning. If you want your kids learn more Chinese, welcome to attend our Chinese course for kids!

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