Funny Chinese Phrases

Posted by Fifi Yang on Aug 3, 2016

funny Chinese phrases

There are many funny phrases in Chinese, which resembles the idioms in English. They originated from the conventional stories or folktales of China. You can use those funny phrases to express your ideas briefly and concisely. Next, I will show you some examples of Funny Chinese Phrases.

1. 爱屋及乌 (ài wū jí wū)Love me, love my dog.

funny Chinese phrases

It means that: The love for the house extends even to the crows perching on its roof -- loving one thing on account of another. He that loves the tree loves the branch.;He who loves Bertrand loves his dog. Love for a person extends even to the crows on his roof;He that loves the tree loves the branch.

For example:
爱屋及乌, 打狗要看主人面。
ài wū jí wū, dǎ ɡǒu yào kàn zhǔ rén miàn.
Love me, love my dog. If you love any one, you will like all that belongs to him.

2. 酒肉朋友 (jiǔ ròu pénɡ you) A fair-weather friend

funny Chinese phrases

It means that: a mercenary friend; brothers in debauchery; friends only for wining and dining together, not in case of need -- fair-weather friends; wine-and-meat friends; fair-weather friend.

For example:
wǒ xiānɡ xìn nǐ shì wǒ zhēn chénɡ de pénɡ you, ér bú shì jiǔ ròu pénɡ you.
I believe that you are devoted friend and a fair weather friend.

3. 甜言蜜语 (tián yán mì yǔ) Sweet talk

funny Chinese phrases

It means that: speak sugared words; coax with delusive promises; fine-sounding words; honeyed words; honey-sweet words; one's honeyed tongue and sugary words; practice cajolery; speaking softly; sugarplum; sweet words and honeyed phrases.

For example:
bié rànɡ tián yán mì yǔ mí huò le nǐ!
Don't let the sweet talk fool you!

4. 胆小如鼠(dǎn xiǎo rú shǔ)Could not say "boo" to a goose

funny Chinese phrases

It means that: as timid as a mouse; as timid as a hare; be a coward; cannot say boo to a goose; chicken-hearted.

For example:
tā shì ɡè dǎn xiǎo rú shǔ de rén.
He's the fear fullest man.

5. 鱼米之乡 (yú mǐ zhī xiānɡ) A land of milk and honey

funny Chinese phrases

It means that: a region, where the cultivation of rice and the breeding of fish flourish; a district where fish and rice are abundant; a fertile"land of fish and rice"; a fertile region; a land flowing with milk and honey.

For example,
这个地方有 "鱼米之乡" 的美誉。
zhè ɡe dì fɑnɡ yǒu" yú mǐ zhī xiānɡ " de měi yù.
This area enjoys the reputation of a land with milk and honey. 

These are the funny Chinese phrases I want to share with you. Have you got it?

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