How to Say Good Night in Chinese

Posted by Lilian Li on Nov 5, 2015

Good Night in Chinese

Usually, when people are trying to say something to those whom they care about before sleep, "good night" and "sweet dreams" can't go wrong. This is the same in Chinese.

1. Good Night! 晚安 ! Wǎn'ān !

('wan' is 'w'+'on' with a descending then rising tone; 'an' is 'on' with a sustained tone).

This is the most common "goodbye" in Chinese that you can use to almost everyone – close friends, regular acquaintances, family members, colleagues, and even your client or boss.

2. Have a good dream! 做个好梦! zuò gè hǎo mèng!

Instead of saying 晚安 (Wǎn'ān) , we can wish someone have a good night's sleep in a different way – 做个好梦 (zuò gè hǎo mèng) = 做 (to do)+ 个 (unit of measure word) + 好 (good) + 梦 (dream).

If you are looking for a cuter way to express your sincere wishes to someone you love or care about, this expression can be a good alternative to the simple Wǎn'ān.

Do you feel a little tired of reading the article to learn, watch this video below to make it easy! It will help you learn how to say good night in Chinese well!

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