How to Memorize Chinese Characters?

Posted by Lilian Li on Sep 6, 2016

how to remember chinese characters

Chinese characters has been a major difficulty for foreigners. Writing Chinese characters is too hard certain and may affected the enthusiasm for Chinese learner. But to memorize them is not so difficult. Today we will give some suggestions to help learner to memorize Chinese characters.

To learn about the Origin and Development of Chinese Characters.

To learn this will help you to understand the development and changes of Chinese characters, deepen your understanding of Chinese culture as well as Chinese characters. We recommend a short video named san shi liu ge han zi de yan bian. It will help you to understand the development of Chinese characters increase interest of learning. Here are some pictographic scripts to help you memorize some common Chinese characters.

: means person. It looks like a person's legs.
: means big. It looks like a person stands on the ground.
Ancient people think that human is the most powerful animal, so they symbolled da as big.
: means mouth. It is a photographic scripts.
: means eyes. It's shape looks like an eye, with the development it becomes a backwards eye.
: means moon. It is a photographic scripts.
: means the rain. The "一" stands for the sky, and the dots stand for drop.
: means follow. It looks like a man follows another man.
To memorize according the radicals of Chinese characters

We use radical to mean the side components of all characters. Most radicals may function as characters by themselves. Here are some common radicals.

: represent female. Such as: 妈/姐/妹/她
: represent eating. Such as: 吃/喝/唱/喊/叫
: represent body. Such as: 胳膊/腿/脚/脑
手(扌):represent actions. Such as: 打/拍/提/排/推/拉/拿
: represent foot and actions. Such as: 跳/跃/跑/踢
: represent insects and lower animals. Such as: 蛇/蚂蚁/虾
金(钅): represent metal. Such as: 金/银/铜/铁/钉/钩
: represent trees. Such as: 树/枝/森/林
水(氵): represent water. Such as: 江/河/湖/海/游泳
: represent birds. Such as: 鸡/鸭/鹅/鹰

Anyway, Chinese characters is one of the most difficult part of learning Chinese. If you want to learn more about Chinese characters, you can attend our Chinese characters course.

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