How to Say Beautiful in Chinese

Posted by Carrie Gong on Feb 25, 2016

how to say beautiful in Chinese

There are several words that mean beautiful in Chinese so it is important to know how to use which variation in which context. Let's start by examining the most frequently used variations and develop a fundamental understanding of when and how to use them.

1. Piào liang 漂亮

Meaning 'beautiful', it refers to almost all the objects, female, and little kids, such as beautiful scenery, buildings, types of food, clothes, etc. But just by saying "piàoliang" is not enough, you can add an adverb before. For example:

很漂亮 Hěn piàoliɑnɡ or 好漂亮 Hǎo piàoliɑnɡ-Very beautiful!

2. měi 美

To add additional emphasis, describing someone (only female) which is more than just beautiful, you can use this word. To be even more dramatic or to exaggerate a little bit, you can add the adverb "fēichánɡ" before "měi" or the "tài + adj+ le" structure to express your admiration.

For example:

西藏的风景非常美!Xīzànɡ de fēnɡjǐnɡ fēichánɡ měi! (Tibet's landscape is very very beautiful!)

你的女儿太美了!Nǐ de nǚ'ér tài měi le! (Your daughter is super pretty!)

There are four famous beautiful women in Chinese history, called "四大美人 sì dà měi rén"。 Beause they are extremely beautiful, there is a Chinese idiom or Chengyu that describes their beauty: 沉鱼落雁 闭月羞花 chén yú luò yàn bì yuè xiū huā

four beautiful women in Chinese ancient time

3. shuài 帅

After we know how to say beautiful for women, then you may ask what is the word for "handsome". "Shuài" is the answer. Very often, Chinese people like to use the word "帅哥 shuàigē" for waiter and male shop assistant, literally meaning "handsome brother" as a compliment when asking for help, using this with your wait staff may ensure good service (laugh)!

4. hǎo 好

Exceptionally, for nice weather, you can say the following.

今天的天气很好 Jīntiān de tiānqì hěn hǎo. (Today's whether is nice)

Have an example of a good sentence that uses one of these forms? Share it below.

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