How to Say Peace In Chinese

Posted by Lilian Li on Dec 16, 2015

how to say peace in Chinese

The dove is the symbol of peace. Its white feathers symbolize purity. The dove is also the symbol of friendship and union.

How to spell peace in Chinese?



Peace usually refers to the absence of war or the state of no other hostile acts of violence. For example,

Hépíng shì shìjiè gèguó rénmín de yuànwàng!


To have peace is the hope of everyone all over the world.

Maintaining peaceful international relationships is the mission of the United Nations and many other international organizations.

But peace is more than the absence of war or violence. Pease also describes when people are calm, not excited or quiet. For example,

Wǒ de shāoshāo huīfùle yīdiǎn hépíng de xīnlǐ, zhè shíhòu yòu qǐ qǐ bōlàng


I just calm down while another wave comes again.

Tā píngjìng de hānshuìzhe.


He is in quiet, deep sleep.

How to write peace in Chinese character?

Each Chinese character has been defined with stroke order. For the character "和", we should write the left part "禾" first and then the right part.

This is the character stroke order.

how to write peace in Chinese character

Unfortunately, today's world is not peaceful and people everywhere are still mourning the terrorist attacks in Paris and praying for the people there – and praying for peace everywhere.

Although we feel very safe in China, terrorism is a fact of 21st century life and can happen anywhere. So, it is important for non-Chinese speakers to learn some words that could help them in case of a terrible emergency like a terrorist attack.

How to survive a terrorist attack




Rúguǒ yǒu táoshēng tújìng, nǔlì táolí xiànchǎng.


If there is an escape path, attempt to evacuate.




Rúguǒ méiyǒu dìfāng táolí, zhǎo gè dìfāng duǒ qǐlái.


If an evacuation is impossible, find a place to hide.




Zhè shì zuìhòu yī zhāo, shèn yòng, mìng xuán yīxiàn zhī yòng.


As a last resort, and only if your life is in danger.

At last, we hope all the victims in Paris terrorist attack will rest in peace and there's no longer terrorism in the world.

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