How to Say Welcome to in Chinese

Posted by Iris Liu on Jan 4, 2016

how to say welcome in Chinese

In Mandarin-speaking countries, guests or customers are welcomed into the home or business with the phrase, "Huān yíng, huān yíng" (welcome, welcome). Chinese repeat the word for showing their enthusiasm.

"Huān yíng" translates to the English, "welcome to," and is made up of two Chinese characters: and .

The first character, 欢 (huān), means "joyous," or "pleased," and the second character 迎 (yíng) means "to welcome," making the literal translation of huān yíng, "We are pleased to welcome you.

In fact, in this hospitable country there are also variations on this phrase that are worth learning as a gracious host. The first fulfills one of the primary hospitality customs, which is offering your guests a seat once they are inside. You can welcome your guests with, "Huān yíng, huān yíng - qǐng zuò," which translates to, "Welcome! Please have a seat." This phrase appears as either 欢迎欢迎 or 请坐 in Chinese characters.

Or you can say, "Huān yínɡ ɡuānɡ lín hán shèqǐnɡ zuò," which translates to, "Welcome to my humble house! Please have a seat." This phrase appears as either 欢迎光临寒舍,请坐 ("hán" means shabby and shè means house). "Humble house" is a modest expression to hint that "my house is shabby, but I hope you won't dislike here."

Another modest expression is, "Yǒu láo dà jià ɡuānɡ lín, wǒ men bú shènɡ rónɡ xìnɡ 有劳大驾光临,我们不胜荣幸 which means "thank you for your kind coming, we are so honored." "Yǒu láo" means "sorry to have troubled you," and "dà jià ɡuānɡ lín" means "to take the trouble to come here," while "bú shènɡ rónɡ xìnɡ" means "we are so honored." "We are so honored" can also be expressed as "shēn ɡǎn rónɡ xìnɡ" (深感荣幸).

Further, this phrase is also quite useful: Huān yínɡ dà jià, nín de zào fǎnɡ zhēn shì lìnɡ pénɡ bì shēnɡ huī ā!" which appears as 欢迎大驾,您的到来真是令蓬荜生辉啊! "Pénɡ bì shēnɡ huī"is an idiom which means "My humble house becomes so bright with your coming." So this phrase means "Welcome! Your coming makes my humble house so bright."

Do you think it is a little tedious or difficult by only reading the text about how to say welcome in Chinese? Watch the video below and you will learn it easier and better.

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