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Posted by Lilian Li on Oct 26, 2016

type in Chinese

Are you learning Chinese characters? If you are, congratulations! Either you are a total beginner or an advanced learner, having courage to start learning Chinese characters really means something! And learning characters can definitely help you a lot with the language learning process. Then, you'll probably ask how to type in Chinese? Today's article will give you a few tips!

Before knowing how to type Chinese character, the first step is always to learn Pinyin, which is the basis of Chinese language. In this case, you know the pronunciation and also formation of character.

Besides windows language system, I personally recommend another Pinyin input software, which is called Sogou and can be used both for your PC and mobile phone. Sogou is the most popular Pinyin input used in China, which you can download here. But for someone who wants to stick to the old way by using windows system, here I'll take Win 8 as example and show you the steps to be able to type in Chinese.

First, press 'Win' button on your keyboard to open the Charms bar and then select 'Settings | Change PC Settings | Time and Language | Region and Language.'

Second: Click 'Add a Language' and then choose 'Chinese (Simplified)', which uses the modern form of hanzi and is more widely used.

Third: Select the area-specific setting, depending on the region for which you're writing. If you chose the simplified form, you can choose Singapore or China; in most cases, you should choose 'Chinese (Simplified, China).'

Fourth: Press 'Win-Space' to quickly toggle between keyboards or click the 'Eng' icon from the desktop's notification area and then choose the appropriate Chinese keyboard.

Fifth: Type the pinyin for the hanzi you want and then select the appropriate suggestion from the pop-up bar. You can also type the number associated with a suggestion to enter it without taking your hands off the keyboard.

Typing Instructions

For example, you want to type 你好【nǐ hǎo=hello】:

你好【nǐ hǎo=hello】is consist of two characters i.e. 你【nǐ】,好【hǎo】

1. First character 你【nǐ】:

a. Type its Chinese Pinyin (without tone marker): ni then it shows a lot of characters with the same pronunciation, then you need to choose the right character by pressing the associated number.
b. Press space-bar twice.

2. Second character 好【hǎo】:

a. Type its Chinese Pinyin: hao then choose the right one from various options.
b. If it doesn't automatically show the character you want to type, press -> (right arrow) button, it shows other Chinese characters with Chinese Pinyin 'hao' options.
c. Press down right arrow button once or several times until it shows the character you are looking for.
d. Press space-bar twice and the result is 好.

How to type special final 'ǚ':

To type Chinese Pinyin with suffix 'ǚ' such as 女【nǚ】, 绿【lǜ】, use 'v' instead of 'ǚ' such as 'nv' for 女【nǚ】, 'lv' for 绿【lǜ】.

Example 1: type 'nv' for 女【nǚ】

a. Type its Chinese Pinyin (without tone marker): nv, it shows 女.
b. Press the associated number of character 女.

Still got questions about it? Don't worry, contact us now and let our teachers help you!

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