How to Write a Chinese Resume

Posted by Julia Song on Feb 29, 2016

how to write a Chinese resume

In general, Chinese Resumes are just like English resumes. They have five basic parts. In this article we will show you how to write a Chinese resume part by part.

1. Basic information 基本信息 jī běn xìn xī

The personal details are including: Name-姓名xìnɡ mínɡSex-性别xìnɡ bié Date of birth-出生日期 chū shēnɡ rì qī,Mobile Phone-电话号码 diàn huà hào mǎEmail 邮箱 yóu xiānɡ, Years of Experience-工作年限 ɡōnɡ zuò nián xiànResidency-居住地 jū zhù dìCurrent Salary-目前薪资 mù qián xīn zī. In this part, there is some information that is mandatory. There are also some parts you may want to keep private. For example the current salary and you don't have to fill it if you don't want.

2. Education Background 教育背景 jiào yù bèi jǐnɡ

Many companies place a large degree of importance on your educational background. First, write down the time period and the name of your school. Then tell them your major of study and your degree. After that you can write a description of your school life. For example, you can list the courses that you have taken or describe specific subjects that you have studied.

3. Work Experience 工作经验 ɡōnɡ zuò jīnɡ yàn

If you have previously worked in a company, that's great! Write down the time period and the company's name then write down the details; including industry, company size, department, job category. Then write your job description.

4. Career Objective 职业规划 zhí yè ɡuī huà

This part includes: your desired location, industry, job category, employment type:Full-time or Part- time, and when you can start your job.

5. Language Skills and Additional Information 语言技能和其他信息 yǔ yán jì nénɡ hé qí tā xìn xī

If you can speak fluent Chinese that would be very beneficial to your job search in China. Also if you have other skills, i.e. (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) you can put it here. If you've got some experience certifications like teaching certificate you can attach it in your resume. In china it is also common to also put a photo of yourself in your resume.

Do you have a tip for how to craft a winning Chinese resume? Include your comment below.

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