HSK level 4 Exam Tips and Advice

Posted by Fifi Yang on May 12, 2016

HSK 4 Praparation Tips

HSK level 4 include 1200 vocabularies, the effect is can communicate with Chinese speakers fluently to discuss some wide range of topics. There are 3 parts in the exam, such as: listening, reading, writing. Total around 105mins. Below are some different skills to do each part of it.


Part1 (10 questions): Each question is to judge true or false based on the sentence.
Part2 (15 questions): Each question is to choose the correct options based on a short dialogue.
Part3 (20 questions): Based on a dialogue with 4 or 5 sentence to choose correct options for 2 or 3 questions.

1. A good and large vocabularies will determine the listening result.
That's mean, mastering more vocabularies is the most basic and important element. But this "vocabularies" refer to "listening vocabulary", it's a little bit different with what we used as usual. Some students the grade of reading is very good, but listening is not good. Because his "listening vocabulary" is not enough. If you want to improve your "listening vocabulary", you have to read every word very standard and listen a lot in order to understand the meaning very fast.

2. Forecasting can improve the listening result.
If you want to enhance the grade of listening, you must know how to forecast. The first you have to read the "ABCD" options, and you can forecast what they are talking about, then you will get the key point. It's a very good way to do this kind of subject.

3. Skills will be more easily for listening.
After you get the first and second way, your listening will be very good. But if you still want to enhance and make the exam more easy, so you need some special skills. The best way is to find a professional teacher. It will bring you a big helpful.


Part1 (10 questions): Each question will provide one or two sentence, every sentence have a blank, so you have to choose the correct word from options.
Part2 (10 questions): Each question will provide three sentence, you have to make them in the correct order.
Part3 (20 questions): For this part is a short text, each text will have two questions, you have to choose the correct word from options.

For part 1: A good and large vocabularies will determine the result of it.
For part 2: You have to understand the probably means for each sentence and looking for some associated word, like "因为...所以...", "还是", "可是".
For part 3: You don't need to understand every word of the text, please try to find the key point, then choose the same meaning one.


Part1 (10 questions): Each question will provide some words and you have to make this to be a whole sentence.
Part2 ( 5 questions): Each question will provide some picture or some words, you have to make a sentence based on it.

For writing, there is only one way to help you get a good grade. It is still your good and large vocabularies. When you do this kind of subject, please try to use simple words and simple sentence structure, some of them you are very good at it. To make sure every characters and grammars are correct. Then you can get a good marks.

Video Tutorial about HSK Level 4 Listening Practice and Skills

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