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Posted by Daisy Jiang on Jan 20, 2016

learn Chinese colors

Spring festival is on the way, people are very busy with the festival. We are buying all kind of presents and food to prepare the big party dinner. We clean our house and make it with colorful decorations. We like red color especially, it represents for happiness, safe, health something in good. So in Chinese, what the colors represent for? Today, let's learn Chinese colors.

Hóng sè

红 色(red)

Red is the most powerful color, it represents for enthusiasm, passion, active and happiness. Chinese people usually wear red cloths for wedding or some other happy activity. We write big red "happy" word.

Chinese color red

Chéng sè

橙 色(orange)

Orange is combined by red and yellow which is for fashion, youth and energetic. Sunshine is orange.

Lán sè

蓝 色(blue)

Blue is divided into more than one color, for example dark blue, light blue. The color is the symbol of being faithful to the country in Europe.

Lǜ sè

绿 色(green)

Green color is neither warm color nor cold color. It's medium and represents freshness, safe and hope. With green leaves in spring, it's the color of nature.

Zǐ sè

紫 色(purple)

Purple color is combined with blue and red. It's mystery, noble and romantic. It also can be divided into many colors such as light purple, pink purple and so on.

Hēi sè

黑 色(black)

Black is deep and grave color. When people dead, we normally wear black cloths for funeral.

Huī sè

灰 色(gray)

Elegant, invigorative and simple. On behalf of the lonely, cold, money worship.

Bái sè

白 色(white)

Lively, flawless, pure, relaxed and enjoyable.

Fěn hóng sè/fěn sè


Pink is combined with red and white. It can be cute, warm, youth, beauty which is popularly loved by girls. People usually use it for flowers and ornaments.

Huáng sè

黄 色(yellow)

It's a lively color with highly bright. It's on half of honorable and elegant.

zōnɡ sè

棕 色(brown)

Brown is for strength.

There are some interesting Chinese idioms related to colors.

bái zhǐ hēi zì

白 纸 黑 字

In Black and white

It means literary or in short.

wàn zǐ qiān hónɡ

万 紫 千 红

A riot of color

It means colorful and beautiful

shān qīnɡ shuǐ lǜ

山 青 水 绿

Green hills and clean river

It means beautiful scenery

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