Learn Chinese through Songs

Posted by Fifi Yang on Nov 30, 2015

Learn Chinese through songs

For many foreigners, Chinese is very difficult, especially the four tones and characters. So do we have some idea to make Chinese learning more interesting? Yes, we can learn Chinese through songs.

As the saying goes, curiosity and interest are the best teachers. Writing Chinese characters, practicing four tones can be boring, but learning Chinese songs is more stimulating. Accompanied by beautiful melodies, Chinese learning can become interesting.

Let me introduce you some Chinese songs to learn Chinese.

1. Sweet Honey Honey

One of the most famous Taiwanese Chinese pop singers of recent times, Teresa Teng tragically died in 1995 from a severe respiratory attack. But she left behind a wonderful body of folk songs and ballads. Sweet Honey Honey was one of her signature songs, and the title track of her eponymous album from 1979.

Sales were phenomenal and the song continues to touch the hearts of those who listen. The lyrics were written by Zhuang Nu who had never met Teng before composing the words. He had only seen her on television. Reportedly, he wrote the words for the pretty, sweet voiced singer he had seen on TV.

2. Too soft-hearted

This is an old mandarin song. I enjoy it every time I listen to it.

This Chinese song Too soft-hearted is like a boy telling a girl that she's too devoted to her love while her lover doesn't care as much as she does. The boy (the singer) is persuading the girl to not get in too deep. She's just too soft-hearted and might get hurt badly in the end.

3. Ten years

Quite mainstream, but still good. Pronunciation is clear and I like the lyrics very much, which makes this song nice to sing along with. This is my favorite KTV song.

4. Little Apple

By far my favorite Chinese song, the Chopstick Bros are actor, director, producer duo Wang Taili and Xiao Yang, who used the song as a promotional song for their movie Old Boys: The Way of the Dragon. It's cheesy, its fun and it's so addictive you won't want to stop singing this song. You can pick the chorus up quickly enough and you'll be dancing around the room dressed like a mermaid in no time.

5. The Moon Represents My Heart

Teresa Teng, a Taiwanese pop star known for her soft ballads is probably known best for The Moon Represents My Heart. Her songs are often slow, soothing and quite easy to translate. The language she uses is simple but sweet and perfect for learning Chinese.

Learn Chinese through songs may not the best way to learn Chinese, but it is really a good way to promote your interest for Chinese learning.

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