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Posted by Lilian Li on Aug 16, 2016

suggestions for learn Chinese

Do you really know to chat with Chinese people in simon-pure way? Do you really know the daily hot topics in modern China? If you think Chinese is ancient language and it is very difficult to learn, you will never learn it well. Here are some suggestions about Chinese learning for you.

1. Tear off the mysterious veil of Chinese

Do not treat her like a Medieval lady. Because she is still young and full of vitality. Surf the Internet, try to find out the most popular phrases and the simon-pure way of Chinese people criticize hot topics. Then you may have a further understanding towards the Chinese way of thinking. On this basis, you can start to learn mandarin in Chinese way.

2. Work out a detailed study program

set goals

At the beginning, you should make a short-term plan about one or three months. In this plan, you should set some attainable targets, such as listening, speaking, reading and writing. But you should pay more attention on listening and speaking in the initial. It is very important to seek a professional teacher to correct your pronunciation before you dare to open your mouth to speak Chinese in pub.

3. Learn mandarin by using Chinese learning apps

If you are not willing to open your mouth in front of people, you can download Rosetta Stone. This is the best tool to practice your pronunciation as it request you to repeat context many times. Furthermore, it also provides many listening tests as well as commonly spoken material. Instead of Chinese characters, Rosetta Stone use pinyin to present sentences at the beginning study period, so you can easily enter mandarin world. If you want to take the HSK, you can download the over years' tests from here.

4. Imitate Chinese people's way of speaking

The last but not the least is try to imitate the Chinese people 's way of speaking after you master basic knowledge of mandarin. The pragmatic and convenient way of imitation is watching video. The biggest advantage of this approach is that you can imitate from these videos one word by one word without the limit of time and space. Here we will introduce some TV play series, which are helpful and close to Chinese people' s daily life. JIA YOU ER NV(家有儿女) is focus on Chinese family education. Its humorous dialogue will relieve your anxiety of learning mandarin. Another famous popular play is LUO HUN SHI DAI(裸婚时代). As the former one, it is also about Chinese family. But it pays more attention on young generation's attitude on marriage. More Chinese learning TV shows recommendation here: Top 5 TV Shows For Learning Chinese.

Learning language is a task that you should insist on and take a lot of time to practice frequently. However, everything is possible as long as you're brave enough to try and firmness enough to do.

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