Chinese learning resources

Top 12 Chinese Learning Resources

Posted by Julia Song on Mar 24, 2016

Chinese learning resources

Many learning resources are available for you as the Internet makes information exchange easy and immediate. If you are learning Chinese and need help finding some language resources, then here are the top 12 we recommend.

12. Learn Chinese Everyday

This is a free website where you can learn one Chinese word every day. You can learn the words' meaning, pronunciation and see sample sentences.

11. Chinese Etymology

This site lets you insert a Chinese character to find its origin with related pictograms.

10. Jukuu

A database of English and Chinese sentences, this site has a simple interface similar to Google's. Once you enter words into Jukuu and click the search button, you will get several sentences in English and Chinese that contains the word you entered. This is especially helpful in understanding the context in which you use a given word.

9. Dig Mandarin

Since its debut in 2013, Dig Mandarin has became one of the most visited blogsites focusing on Chinese learning. You can post your questions about Chinese on it and receive answers and ideas. Besides forums, video lessons and an elementary Mandarin video course are provided by the Chinese teacher Zheng Tao.

8. onlinechineselearning

This helpful site provides a range of articles and tips on learning Chinese. It includes listening, grammar, and information about Chinese culture, and so on.

7. Slow Chinese

A kind of culture podcast, Slow Chinese not only focuses on everyday life topics, such as how to shop or how to order in a restaurant, but also provides information and insight on China's ancient and modern culture. You can deduce from the name of this site that the narrators speak at a really slow pace, so beginners can catch what is being said. It is possible to listen to about 151 episodes, and all are free.

6. Hanbridge Mandarin

On this site you can book Chinese lessons and take Chinese courses with professional Chinese teachers online anytime and anywhere. Also, there is a Chinese learning tips section and online self-study, where you could learn Chinese by yourself.

5. Tudou and Youku

These are the two Chinese YouTube clones where you can find virtually any kind of video you want in Mandarin, and they often come with subtitles. Even if you have a VPN and can access YouTube, the same video in Tudou or Yukou will often load much faster.


In this Chinese national tv network website, where you can find a lot of China news and TV programs. The only drawback is the site is in Chinese,. One possible solution is to check the website's English Version (but here are some video of the English), in the French version of the CNTV I can find a wide selection of China TV series, which is in the stream. Finally, in the many available, PPTV and other two excellent Hunan TV station, offers a wide range of video stream.

3. Popup Chinese

This site offers podcasts and tools for learning Mandarin. It's the highest rated Chinese teaching series on iTunes, and it's recommended by the heads of all four major Chinese immersion programs in Beijing. You can easily create a free account to check the entire archive, which has podcasts in mp3 format as well as mobile apps, HSK tests and other study tools.

2. DigChinese

DigChinese offers a collection of resources geared for the Mandarain language learner. Here are some that stand out the most: A list of "measure words", which in Chinese are used together with numbers to define the quantity of a given object, and a list of Chinese proverbs, sayings and Chengyu (Chinese idioms).

1. Chinese Grammar Wiki

It was launched a set at the beginning of 2012 even though the learning is a young age, but it has become the main reference for Chinese grammar explanation. This resource is a creative commons license and everyone could contribute to improve it. (Like a true "Wiki")

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