The Best Way to Learn Chinese

Posted by Fifi Yang on Mar 16, 2016

best way to learn Chinese

If you want to learn a new language well, you must keep practicing everyday. Yet, in addition to practice, the right learning method is very important. Many people think that Chinese is a difficult language to learn. However, if you master the right method, learning Chinese well is no longer a problem. Today, let's talk about what is the best way to learn Chinese.

1. Immersion practice

Immersion practice means you put yourself into the target language environment. Of course the best way is to live in China and have lots of contact with Chinese people. Many Chinese learners like to hang out on the street, because they can learn a lot of common sayings. However, moving to China may not be possible, so find a good language school to get you started.

2. Finding a professional Chinese learning institution

If you want to learn Chinese systematically, then finding a professional Chinese Mandarin learning institution is the most recommended. A professional Chinese teacher will teach you Mandarin from pinyin to Chinese characters, from words to phrases, from listening to speaking. Hanbridge Mandarin School provides the most suitable Chinese courses for you according to your specific needs and current Chinese language level. All Hanbridge teachers are professionals with years of language teaching experience. No matter whether you study Chinese for personal interest, business Chinese, or HSk Test preparation, you will find the Mandarin courses for your needs at Hanbridge.

Learn Mandarin face-to-face at Hanbridge

If you live in Shenzhen or Chengdu, China, then you can take Chinese courses with teachers face-to-face at Hanbridge. The class time and location is flexible. You can choose have class at Hanbridge, your workplace, or at your home.

Learn Mandarin with Hanbridge online

If you are not in China, then you can learn Chinese with Hanbridge online! You can book your Chinese class online and take your class online with Hanbridge's professional Chinese teachers in our virtual classroom. We provide the same range of coursework online as in a live classroom. Online classes provide the advantage of total convenience for you and take place in real time with a live teacher.Take a free trial class to see how it works!

3. Learn Chinese on your own

There are so many good ways to learn Mandarin. In addition to conventional methods, there are also some alterative ways, such as watching Chinese movies and reading Chinese books. In fact, one of the easiest ways to learn from Chinese books is to start with Chinese learning books for kids. Further, listening to and learning Chinese songs are also good ways to improve. But no matter how you choose to learn, you need to practice, practice, practice!

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Fifi Yang is a Chinese learning teacher at Hanbridge Mandarin. Having spent a great number of years learning French, Fifi understands the challenges of learning a language. She puts this experience to good use while preparing and delivering classes to her students.

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