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Posted by Julia Song on Mar 16, 2016

learn chinese for kids

The best time to begin learning a language is during childhood. Children can typically achieve fluency in a second language much more quickly than adults. So today we will introduce some ways to help children learn Chinese better.

Kids don't like chores. If learning Chinese becomes a chore, kids will try to avoid it. So make it fun! A good language program for children should include games, songs, constant rewards, and relevant content. Below are some good ways for kids to learn Chinese.

1. Watch Chinese Cartoons Online

All kids like cartoons, so watching some Chinese cartoons online can help them learn. Usually there are some dialogues in the cartoons that reflect daily conversation to help children improve listening and speaking skills. Here are some good Chinese cartoons that we recommend.


Monkey King: Hero Is Back

learn chinese for kids


My Life as McDull

learn chinese for kids

2. Read Chinese Story Books

The learning content for children should be different than the content for adults. Chinese children's story books would be a good choice. Almost all children's story books are marked in pinyin, which helps kids read easier. Unlike Chinese learning books for kids, the story books are more interesting and simple. We recommend these Chinese story books:


Three Little Piggies


Little Red Riding Hood

learn chinese for kids

3. Listen to Chinese Children's Songs

Kids in China enjoy music class, and when we were kids, we learned a lot of beautiful songs in school. Listening to and learning some Chinese children's songs can make learning Mandarin no longer boring and tedious. Here are some wonderful Chinese songs for kids.


Little Star


Find your friend

learn chinese for kids

4. Play Chinese Games

All children love games. Chinese learning games make learning a language more fun, and if they are well designed and appropriate, the games can make it easier for kids to remember what they've learned. In addition to games in the classroom, you can find activities and games for kids online. Children may get more focused when they are playing games. Learn Chinese with fun -- that's it!

learn chinese for kids

5. Hang out with Chinese Speaking Families with Children

If possible, a child Chinese learner should spend more time with Chinese native children. Not only will this provide more chances to practice, but it will also help maintain motivation and interest in Chinese.

learn chinese for kids

6. Check out our Chinese Learning Program for Children.

Hanbridge Mandarin provides Chinese courses for children from 3 to 9 years old. Hanbridge's professional teachers will design lessons and discussions that make topics like numbers, names, colors, countries, food, etc. a fun adventure! Children will learn Chinese easily and happily.

learn chinese for kids

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