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Posted by Julia Song on Mar 2, 2016

practice Chinese dialogue

Many learners may find that after a few days of learning, you still cannot say a Chinese sentence. How to practice your speaking Chinese? Well, find a partner and practice Chinese dialogue is the best way. Today, we will talk about how to practice Chinese dialogue.

1. Get the right material

When you decide to practice Chinese dialogue, choose the right material is the first thing you need to do. Here is a good site which you can practice Chinese conversation on it:

2. Find a patient partner and start from simple Chinese dialogues

Since your vocabulary is still limited, you'll need patience. Don't try to talk about highly technical matters yet! You have to walk before you can run—and you have to take baby steps before you can walk. This means finding a patient partner—maybe a friend or coworker who knows Chinese or is learning it. Start simple: take turns asking and answering questions. At first you can do questions and answers you've studied, but soon you should move on to substitution. This means switching old words for new ones. For example, if you have been asking about your friend's favorite restaurant, start asking about her favorite hotel instead, or her favorite bar or shopping mall. If you've been asking about his car trip last summer, ask about his airplane trip instead. (What if he has never been on an airplane? It doesn't matter! Hypothetical answers are just as helpful for language practice as real ones.) Question/answer with substitution is a highly effective way to force you to make new linguistic connections in your brain, and even beginners can do it!

3. Stretch the dialogues

Growth comes from stretching. To stretch, you can find short dialogues that are at the upper range of your ability and memorize them. (It's like memorizing your lines as an actor!) Work with a partner, each of you taking one role. Switch roles after a few turns. Then you can practice substitution on the memorized dialogue too.

4. Talk to the Chinese strangers and don't be shy

If you're lucky enough to live in China or near a Chinese community, you can go have simple conversations with strangers. Don't be shy! People who are trying to learn English do this all the time, and it's a key component of their success.

5. Be creative

Don't limit yourself to these standard methods. Be creative. You could create a Chinese comic strip—and maybe publish it online—as a platform for your dialogue practice. You could write skits and perform them on YouTube. You could "translate" your movies or TV shows into Chinese. Don't try to translate the whole thing, of course; compress it into two minutes or so.

6. Take a Chinese speaking course online

There is a disadvantage of finding language online, you may not know if the partner speaks the standard Chinese Mandarin. Well, take a Chinese speaking course online is a better option, you can practice Chinese dialogue with the most professional Chinese teachers. Your Chinese language mistakes will be corrected immediately.

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