How to Speak Chinese

Posted by Carrie Gong on Jan 12, 2016

how to speak chinese

Hi!nǐ huì shuō pǔ tōng huà ma? 你会说普通话吗? Do you know how to speak Mandarin Chinese? Do you feel it is difficult to speak Chinese frequently? Today, the five best ways to learn Chinese speaking will be introduced to you.

1. Learn Chinese pinyin

Nǐ hǎo is a good place to start. The initial and final syllables and tones are necessary parts of every Chinese word. Learn the pronunciation. And please pay much attention on Chinese tones of pinyin, it is the most different part from English or other language. There are five tones(including light tone) in Chinese pinyin, if you can learn the tones well, you can speak Chinese more like a native speaker. Here is a picture about how Chinese tones pronounce below.

how to speak chinese

2. Make Chinese phrases

Practice pronunciation while learning new words. All verbs have nouns which coincide with them. For example, verbs, "chī 吃"—to eat, it should be used food nouns like "mǐfàn 米饭"---rice," miàn tiáo 面条"---wheat noodles, "miàn bāo 面包"---bread. so to make Phrases it is "chī mǐfàn 吃米饭", "chī miàntiáo 吃面条", "chī miànbāo 吃面包". At first, you may just say some easy or common Chinese phrases, but after some days practice, you will find that your Chinese words and phrases are ready for you to speak out smoothly.

3. Make Chinese sentences.

After you accumulated some basic Chinese words and phrases, you need to learn a little grammar to make sentences. See some simple examples below. There are two kinds of Chinese sentence patterns. One is Subject + Verb + Object, another is Subject + Object.

→Subject + Verb + Object

→Carrie zài zhōngguó 凯瑞 在 中国

→Lisa yězài zhōngguó 丽莎 也在 中国

→Peter búzài zhōngguó 彼得 不在 中国

→Subject + Place + Verb + Object

→Lisa zài zhōng guó xuéxí hàn yǔ. 丽莎 在中国 学习 汉语。

→Subject + Time + Place + Verb + Object.

→Lisa 2015nián zài zhōngguó xuéxí hàn yǔ. 丽莎 2015年 在 中国 学习 汉语。

→Subject + Object

→Fǎguó lěng. 法国人

→Fǎguó hěn lěng. 法国 很 冷。

→Subject + Time + Object

→Fǎguó dōng tiān hěn lěng. 法国 冬天 很冷。

4. Vary topic

If you really want to speak Chinese well, only daily conversation practice is not enough. When we talk to our friends or colleagues, we often talk about some topics more than just daily. So you need to vary the topic in Chinese, here are some topics you can have a try: sports, education, entertainment… Pick up a new topic daily or weekly, and gear your Chinese study about that topic. Native speakers have had a lifetime to practice, while you need to practice from now.

how to speak chinese

5. Speak with Chinese native speakers online

It is no doubt that speak with native speaker is the fast way to improve one's speaking skills for a new language, so does Chinese. If you live in Chinese, you will have a lot of chances to speak with Chinese native speaker. However, if you don't live in China, what would you do? Well, I recommend you to take Chinese speaking class online with professional Chinese teacher. Here are the class features: standard pronunciation of Mandarin; dialogue practice orientated by the students; hot topic close to the life. You can chat with the excellent Chinese teachers in real time online, your Chinese language error will be corrected by the teachers immediately. It is definitely the most rapid way for you to improve your Chinese speaking.

how to speak chinese

All in all, if you want to speak Chinese well, you must practice as much as you can. Speak from now, you will be fluent in Chinese as the native speakers one day!

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