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Posted by Fifi Yang on Oct 9, 2015

write ChineseFor the person who is just beginning to learn Chinese, it may feel a little difficult to learn Chinese writing. Because there is no stroke in many languages such as English or French, Chinese feels really different. How to begin learning to write Chinese? Actually we can divide the people who are learning Chinese writing into two types. Type one is the elementary students, who can just recognize the pronunciation (we call Pin Yin actually) in Chinese. And another one is the person interested in Chinese characters, who can recognize characters.

First, for the elementary students, the majority of them may grasp only phonetic sounds. So, how to use the Chinese letter from A-Z? Obviously if you are familiar with the spelling rule, which is the most important for Chinese language, then you get a very important step in learning Chinese You want to learn to write in Chinese A-Z? In fact, it is quite a bit easier than writing Chinese characters. There are no lots of differences from writing the letter in English (on basic common sense). But for Chinese spelling, pinyin, actually we don't use the strokes for writing it. In addition, the Chinese letters will be one more pitch, respectively. Chinese language has four tones and a neutral tone. Every word has its own tone. Even one word has two to three tones. And we just put it on the final as the rule like putting on hat on it.

Secondly, for the learner of Chinese characters, this is more important and difficult part. How to write Chinese characters? It looks like there's a little more difficulty than writing Chinese PinYin But if you grasp the point rule, you will suddenly be enlightened in how to write Chinese. The main point is to understand Chinese writing order of strokes, of course, if you want to write better and more smoothly, then stroke is very important. Because the written order is correct, it will make you more effective. For example, there are strokes we call "horizontal : 一, vertical : 丨, curved stroke: 丿" and so on. We usually use the horizontal before the vertical, and the curved stroke before the right falling stroke. Except this, there are the rules as: from top to bottom, outside before inside and so on. One example is the "rén 人"( means: people), the correct writing strokes is as blow: 丿, 人.

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