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Posted by Julia Song on Mar 15, 2016

learn business learning

China is increasingly important in the world of international business. This is a major reason for the growing popularity of Chinese language learning. Foreigners in China often find that if they know a little Chinese, relationships are much easier to build. This article will look at strategies for learning Business Chinese.

1. Start with simple business Chinese terms

When learning business Chinese, it's best to start with simple, practical phrases that you will actually use or hear. For example, learn how to greet a business partner, how to introduce yourself, or how to describe your product. After building your basic business skills, you'll be ready to talk about more in depth topics such as industrial trends or pricing. Select language resources that are tailored for professional use. Look at the following picture as a reference point for some everyday business terms.

learn business learning

2. Practice business simulations with a native Chinese speaker.

As with any language learning project, the best method is to get the help of a native speaker. After learning new material, always practice as much as possible—through dialogues and role-play. Select several topics in advance to practice, such as a mock interview, business negotiation, or business meeting. I believe that your business Chinese speaking skills will be improved rapidly if you do this consistently.

learn business learning

3. Learn business Chinese through online resources

With the availability of learning tools and resources on the internet, learning Chinese is easier than it has ever been before. There are many business Chinese learning resources or even business Chinese courses online. Online learning has its several advantages. You can learn wherever you are and whenever you are ready, if you have a computer and internet. It's quite flexible. You can also learn business Chinese with local and experienced teachers face to face through Skype or Online Classrooms. With the variety of courseware, that includes tools such as PowerPoint, pictures, videos and music - It will take you to a wonderful journey of learning business Chinese.

learn business learning

4. Get to know Chinese business culture in-depth.

There's no doubt that Chinese culture is very different from western culture, and the same goes for Chinese business culture. Learning about the nuances of chinese business culture is very useful for your learning. Here are some aspects that you may need to know: Chinese business dinner etiquette, Chinese corporate culture, Chinese business name card exchange manners, Chinese business email etiquette. Etc. But that isn't everything there is to Chinese Business Culture.

learn business learning

Business people don't only talk about business. They make small talk - discuss food, and give toasts; they compare their hometowns and home countries; they give and ask for advice. A long-term language learning plan has to include all of these competencies.

5. Be confident in yourself

Even a little bit of Chinese knowledge can be very helpful. You'll find that Chinese people will appreciate your effort even when you are a beginner, as long as you try your best. At first you might not be able to have a complex conversation in Chinese, but at least you won't be completely lost when the topic of conversation turns to business. Of course, business people don't only talk about business.

learn business learning

Regardless of how many learning tips you known, the most important is tip to remember is - practice as much as you can. After a few days practice, I believe you will make great progress in learning business Chinese.

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