How to Learn Chinese Characters Efficiently

Posted by Mollan Mo on Feb 25, 2016

learn chinese characters

Chinese characters, called Hanzi, are the writing symbols used to record Chinese. For lots of Chinese learners, Chinese characters are the most difficult parts during the Chinese learning. Today, I will give you six tips about learning Chinese characters efficiently.

1. Learn radicals and stroke order

Radicals: Radical is the basic element of the Chinese character. There are 214 radicals in total. It is just like the building blocks of Chinese character. Some radicals can be written as independent Chinese characters also. Here is a picture of some classic Chinese radicals.

Chinese radicals

Stroke Order: If you want to write the Chinese characters correctly. You need to know the Chinese stoke order first. It is just like the writing rules of Chinese character. How to remember the Chinese stoke order? Read here.

learn chinese characters

2. Don't write the Chinese characters immediately

When you start to learn Chinese characters at the very beginner, do not write the characters immediately. You had better take a Chinese character as a picture that you are going to copy it. Look at the character first, get to know the composition of the character. Figure out how many different parts are there in the character. Note the stroke order. You don't have to memorize the exact details of the stroke right now, just learn which stroke belongs to which part first.

3. Write the Chinese characters once without looking

You need to avoid copying the Chinese character stroke by stroke again and again. It is a bad habit and when you copy the characters you even don't really learn much by doing it. Try to remember as much as you can, not just write and peek the model one at the same time. Just don't look at the model character when you write it.

4. Write the characters a dozen times

When you know how to write a new character totally, practice to write the characters a dozen times. You can't peek while writing, only when you check if your writing is correct or not. Writing a dozen times will help you increase your familiarity with the characters and get some flow into your handwriting.

5. Learn Chinese characters on Face book Page

There is a great Face book page specialized in teaching Chinese characters: Learn Chinese characters. It shares some interesting Chinese characters every day, and you can learn characters by yourself.

learn chinese characters

6. Learn Chinese characters with Hanbridge Teacher

Are you tired of learning Chinese characters all by yourself? You can have a Chinese character course online with professional Chinese teacher. You will learn how to read it, how to write it and how to remember it. With the guide of the professional teacher, I believe you will learn Chinese characters faster. Here is a video about learn Chinese characters below.

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