How to Learn Mandarin in Shenzhen

Posted by Ada Zhou on Mar 29, 2016

learn chinese mandarin in shenzhen

The language environment is very important during the process of learning a new language. So if you want to learn Mandarin well, the best choice is to go to China, and Shenzhen is one of the best places to learn Chinese.

1. Why learn Mandarin in Shenzhen

There are various dialects in China – people from different areas speak different languages. In order to understand each other, Mandarin was recognized as the standard language in China. You may ask if Shenzhen belongs to Guangdong Province, then why don't we learn Cantonese? Well, Shenzhen is China's "melting pot." Few people living in Shenzhen are actually from Shenzhen, which means that standard Mandarin is the language of choice here. Besides, Shenzhen is a first-tier city, just like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, and lots of international people work and live here. It's a great place to learn Mandarin.

2. Find a Chinese Mandarin School

If you think that learning Mandarin by yourself is a little difficult, then find a professional Mandarin school to give yourself a boost. There are several great schools in Shenzhen but the best one is Hanbridge Mandarin School. First, all of Hanbridge's teachers are native Chinese with advanced degrees and fully experienced in teaching Chinese. Second, Hanbridge offers a high quality curriculum, including business Chinese, daily Chinese, HSK Test Preparation, and so on. You can choose a course according to your specific learning needs. Third, it is convenient and flexible. You can learn in our classroom, or our teachers can come to you. Check them out on the web right here.

3. Find a Chinese language exchange partner in Shenzhen

If you want to learn a new language well, getting a language partner is extremely helpful. There are lots of Chinese learners just like you. You can find some Chinese learners online. Here are some communities that we recommend:

Meetup, where you can find Chinese language exchange partners and ask them to practice with you.

learn chinese mandarin in shenzhen

ShenzhenSTUFF, is an online community for internationals in Shenzhen, and there are some Chinese learning groups on it. You can post in the group and find a Chinese learning partner.

learn chinese mandarin in shenzhen

4. Learn Chinese on We Chat

We Chat has become the most popular social utility in China, and you can use it to make Chinese friends.

There is a Chinese open class group on We Chat. Add the group administrator (Administrator WeChat ID: xylmeme or yimin0217) as "friend," then the administrator will add you into the Chinese open class. You can ask questions about Chinese learning in it, and professional Chinese teachers will answer you immediately. And you can also find Chinese learning partners to practice together.

Are you ready for your great trip to Chinese learning? Start now!

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