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Posted by Carrie Gong on Sep 21, 2015

learn Chinese or JapaneseAsk yourself what else you want to do with your language skills besides travel or work. Perhaps you want to learn about Chinese politics, or perhaps be up-to-date on the latest video games coming from Japan. Also, perhaps you'd like to try to learn a few sentences in each language.  Which language sounds better to you?  Which language has more interesting grammar or vocabulary?

Do you enjoy the compactness and poetic power of Chinese, or the mellifluous words and interesting word order of Japanese? Asking yourself these questions might also help in making your choice.

For Japanese:

1. Japan has a massive economy and is at the forefront of the technology sector, and has no shortage of career opportunities for foreigners proficient in Japanese.

2. Japanese animes are famous in world. Over the past years,Japan has made an important contribution to the economic development, city planning, architecture and landscape design.

3. Japanese is not too difficult to learn it .Especially Japanese daily words ,very colloquial ,also easy to pronounce than Chinese.

For Chinese:

First,let's see the list of languages with the most speakers:

1. Mandarin Chinese (720 million)

2. English (480 million)

3. Spanish (320 million)

4. Russian (285 million)

5. French (265 million)

6. Hindi/Urdu (250 million)

7. Indonesian/Malay (230 million)

8. Arabic (221 million)

9. Portuguese (188 million)

10. Bengali (185 million)

11. Japanese (133 million)

12. German (109 million)

Easily to know Chinese is the world's most populous use of the language.

Second, Chinese language is becoming more and more important in business. The Chinese market is blossoming after decades of global isolation. As China is rapidly becoming a world economic power as it opens its doors to foreign investment expands its infrastructure, those who know Chinese will be valuable to business.

Third, Mandarin is typically very direct and to the point with the fewest number of words used for maximum meaning. Chinese language is very interesting due to the extensive and profound Chinese culture.

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