5 Reasons Why You Should Learn Chinese

Posted by Ada Zhou on Aug 28, 2015

reasons why learn ChineseChinese is more and more popular.There are many people who wish to learn Chinese, but they usually have different reasons. What are some of the main reasons people want to learn Chinese?

1. China has a big population - up to 19% of the entire world! With that many Chinese speakers in the world, it's helpful to be able to communicate with them.

2. If you live in China, knowing Chinese is a must. Buying groceries, hailing a cab, ordering in a restaurant all require Chinese. Let's be honest, you can survive in China without knowing Chinese, but life won't be as sweet.

3. If you're working in China or with Chinese co-workers learning Chinese is an excellent way to improve your career prospects.

4. Love- marriages between Chinese nationals and foreigners are increasingly common. If you find yourself in a relationship, better communication skills are always welcome.

5. The Chinese economy has and continues to grow fast. Get ahead of the game and ensure you have a seat at the table when this increasingly important player continues to grow on a global scale.

There are many reasons to learn Chinese – the most important thing is to just start your Chinese learning right now.

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Ada Zhou

Ada Zhou is a Chinese Learning teacher at Hanbridge Mandarin. She is focusing on Business Chinese and Chinese New teaching and she likes to talk about Chinese social news to let students know Chinese updated culture.

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